Foundation Profile

The Depositum Bonum Foundation (from Latin origin good investment deposits) was founded by Česká spořitelna on August 18, 2012 in order to administer the extraordinary yields from anonymous pass-books, which were banned  by the EU and then  by the Parliament of the Czech Republic.  This is the first time in the history of the country that a private institution voluntarily forfeited its right to retain an extraordinary sum of money of which it had full legal ownership. Instead it chose to deposit these assets into a foundation where they will increase in value and be use for the good of the whole society. With a deposit of 1.662 billion CZK, the Depositum Bonum Foundation is the largest foundation in the Czech Republic.  Depending on the endowment return, the expected annual budget is about 20-30 million CZK. 


 While looking for the best way of using these funds to benefit Czech society, Česká spořitelna consulted key representatives of the public, cultural and academic spheres, as well as journalists and influential businesspeople. The consensus was clear: from a long-term perspective, the Czech Republic could most benefit from an improvement in education, particularly in the technical and natural sciences.

The Foundation was therefore established to support Czech society in the areas of science, research, development and education. It focuses on fields which bring long-term benefits to the entire society and strengths its global competitiveness. Gifted, hardworking, and motivated people fields will have the opportunity to deepen and widen their abilities, knowledge, education and experience. Support will be implemented within individual programs announced by the administrative board. The foundation will achieve its purpose both by providing grants and carrying out its own activities.

From the perspective of competitiveness and economic prosperity, we find it essential to focus on education in primary and secondary schools. We will focus on helping schools and teachers improve the teaching quality. Our vision is to bring the joy of discovering the world to classes and to make children want to dedicate their futures to these fields. In cooperation with educational and other experts, we are currently working e.g. on our project, Elixir for Schools, which is focusing on improving physics education. You can find out more about the project here.

Our Goals

  • Support the system´s innovations in the field of education
  • Increasing the prestige of the teaching profession.
  • Raising awareness regarding the key role of education for the country’s prosperity.

 Our Principles

  • Cooperation with universities, the Ministry of Education, professional associations, etc.
  • Best-practice creation and sharing.
  • Long-term frame of activities and long-term solutions.


Full version of the Statutes of the Depositum Bonum Foundation