Elixir for Schools

Elixir for Schools is the flagship project of the Depositum Bonum Foundation. Its goal is to support the teaching of technical and scientific fields of study at primary and secondary schools. As the name implies, Elixir for Schools should specifically help to enliven classes and introduce entertaining, yet high-quality and practical instruction with an emphasis on obtaining and mastering knowledge.

Very little will do - even if a teacher just allows pupils to try out an interesting experiment first-hand, or uses practical examples to develop their natural curiosity. Such an approach has a major impact on whether or not children fear technical fields or whether they start to like technical fields and decide to study them in future. Through Elixir for Schools, the Depositum Bonum Foundation therefore supports those teachers who can inspire children and fill them with enthusiasm.

In its first stage, Elixir for Schools focuses on Physics. We use and further extend the expertise of the Heuréka initiative, which has been developing a physics teaching methodology for more than two decades. In future years, there are plans to extend the project’s scope to other subjects, such as Chemistry and Biology.

The project's objectives are practically pursued by means of three programs:

Regional Centers

There are already 21 Centers throughout the Czech Republic in which Physics teachers meet every month to share their experience under supervision of an experienced teacher. Attendance is voluntary, free and open to everyone. It is a unique project within the framework of Czech education, assisting teachers to significantly improve their teaching methods. The project is also successful in forming communities of motivated teachers who inspire others at the same time.

Tandems 1.0

Tandems introduce the principle of teaching in a pair, with a Teacher - Assistant tandem conducting classes throughout the school year. Postgraduate students of technical and science faculties are the experts who introduce their current knowledge of the fields in the classroom. They also assist in attending to the pupils individually and in discussing the topics in more depth, with an emphasis on acquiring practical knowledge.

Tandems 2.0

Tandems 2.0 extend Tandem 1.0 and introduce students of Pedagogics to schools. Future teachers undergo a trial of what it's like to spend the entire school year in front of a blackboard, gaining important experience under the supervision of an experienced teacher. They also assist in class teaching and in preparing interesting experiments. The Department of Physics Education at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague is involved in the development of the project in its pilot stage.

Elixir for Schools is being established in collaboration with the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists.

A number of other experts in Education and Physics instruction are involved in the project, which is also supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. A national expert commission, consisting of leading experts in Physics teaching is involved in continuous evaluation.