H-mat is a non-profit organization that was founded in order to promote and support the Hejny Method of teaching Mathematics in schools. This is a unique method of teaching Mathematics, which seeks to ensure that children discover the mathematical rules independently and through patterns they know well from their own lives. Pupils do not have to learn the formulas by heart, because they associate Mathematics with real situations and they understand its principles. In addition, the Hejny Method develops children's personalities and supports independent thinking.

The Hejny Method is also being implemented in a range of alternative schools and in home-schooling. The Method has raised interest in Italy, France, Finland, Sweden, Poland (where a textbook series is about to be published) and in the USA, where it is currently being used as a complementary module by several schools. The Czech edition of textbooks for primary schools was approved by the Czech Ministry of Education in 2007. The Method is introduced to pre-service teachers studying in primary education programs at Charles University in Prague and at the University of Ostrava.

In order to further extend the Method, the Depositum Bonum Foundation has decided to support Professor Hejny and H-mat. For example, its contributions allow training of teachers who will be teaching the Hejny Method, and further development of educational materials, including textbooks.

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